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30 Day Marvel Meme, Day 6

Your favorite organization: The Hand

The Hand is an ancient order of evil mystical ninjas that serve a primordial demon known as The Beast. Their warriors are the most feared assassins in the world; they are the best mercenaries money can buy, proof positive that being a ninja is a superpower. The Hand usually has its fingers in the lives of Marvel’s ninja characters, most notably Daredevil and Elektra, both of whom have served as leaders of the organization at one point. As if an army of demonically empowered ninjas weren’t enough to satisfy all your evil needs, the Hand also recruits from the ranks of its most powerful enemies by killing them and then resurrecting them as slaves. When Wolverine was brainwashed by the Hand he killed thousands of SHIELD agents and very nearly assassinated the President of the United States. Bottom line: this is not a group to trifle with. If you see a red clad ninja sneaking around behind you, just bow your head and whisper “Oh shit.” It’ll be over soon.

The hand has five fingers, each of which exist independently of the others. Not unlike the five islands that form Japan. However, when the five fingers of the hand come together for a single, unified purpose… the hand becomes an object of unwavering power!
Kagenobu Yoshioka, founder of the Hand, 1588